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These days our world is flooded with good advice on how to live our best life.  

Yet despite the best advice from an information rich and image obsessed culture we sometimes find ourselves struggling either in our relationships, our circumstances or our thinking.  

If you feel like this, you are not alone.


As a coach and counsellor, my intention is not to give you even more good advice but to help you to make sense of your past, to stand with you in your present and help you to bravely face your future.   It's no secret that at times life can be challenging.  At these times it's good to connect with a skilled, trusted and supportive therapist.


If you find yourself in a place of wanting to enjoy your life again ...  it might be your time to reach out.  

Jo Batts 
Counsellor, Auckland

a bit about me 

A combination of formal academic training and life experience has taught me to

regularly consult my mind and to trust my heart.  


My approach to therapy is based on practical real life experience and a pragmatic caring style of listening without judgment.   With a Bachelors Degree in Counselling and continual professional development and supervision, I am committed to ethical best practice.  


I am passionate about enabling people to walk through their own challenges with courage, knowledge and support.  My hope is for you to thrive in your own life again.   

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." 



Maya Angelou



Post Graduate Diploma Counselling Theory (Auckland University)

Bachelor of Counselling (PCT & Narrative Therapy)


Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy – Externship & Core Skills 1 & 2

Betrayal Trauma


Family Therapy


Advanced Sex Therapy


Interactive Drawing Therapy


Meditation & Mindfulness

Strengths Coach (Clifton) - Top 5 and Partnership  



Strengths Coaching

One of the most powerful insights you can have in your life is to discover your unique talents and strengths.  We assume that everyone is just 'normal' like us when nothing could be further from the truth.  Strength coaching is a process of discovering what is right about you, focusing on what is strong instead of what is wrong with you.  This 90 minute consultation will help you make sense of your personality, your role and your relationships. 

Relationship Counselling

They say the 'perfect relationship' is just two imperfect people refusing to give up on one another ... though sometimes that is easier said than done! Relationships are precious, so if yours is currently under pressure or you’re interested in gaining some tools to build resilience, now might be the perfect time to get some support so let's talk ...



Stress, anxiety and resilience

When unexpected change comes along, how do you respond? Do you freeze up with fear or do you open your other hand to seize a new opportunity? Change, whether it's a change of job, city, life stage or circumstance, can be uncomfortable and have us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, alone, angry or afraid. The good news is that we all have a huge natural supply of resilience. If stress and anxiety is getting in the way of you enjoying your life, let's talk ...


Grief, loss and sadness

Grief is a healthy response to a painful reality. It is not an enemy or a sign of weakness, but a sign of being human. We cannot simply 'get over it', rather it takes time to grieve in your own unique way. Times of grief might be confusing and overwhelming ... you may feel  isolated and be facing a range of emotions you’ve never encountered before. I encourage you to journey through grief with a trusted therapist, let's talk ... 

Self esteem, identity and family

We didn't get to choose our parents, our families or the way we were raised. Yet our family profoundly shapes who we are. Navigating the transition between our family of origin and our adult identity can be challenging. This can affect the way we do relationships, manage our money, the career we choose etc.  If you feel stuck in your life and want to explore your unique identity, let's talk ...


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$140 (60 mins)



$120 (60 mins)



Individual  (60 mins)  $ 140

Partnership (90 mins) $ 200




$ 120 (60 mins)



"We can't thank you enough for helping us through our differences.  We have the tools now to communicate better together".

Married couple (6 yrs)


"Jo has helped me though a painful period in my life; helping unravel the knots of pain and equipping me to live with greater clarity, joy and peace."


"I was really worried about coming to counselling but you made it feel like a really easy conversation.  It felt like you really understood but with no judgement".





get in touch 

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I would love to hear from you.

Email: jobattscounselling@gmail.com

Skype address: jobattscounselling@gmail.com

FaceTime: 021 525343

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021 525343



24/7 care

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0800 543354 (lifeline)

0508 828865 (suicide help)